Month: August 2014

Enter Wicked Lair

Posted by – August 15, 2014

It’s been a while! I’ve been super busy working on my next project, which – quite frankly – is much more complex than my first foray into the Game-Dev world.

So far i have been working on this for a month and a half, 6 days a week, 10 hours a day, it’s been quite a journey, and to say i’ve learned a lot along the way is an understatement. I know a lot more about unity and C#, have acquired some new likes and dislikes about it, bought my first soundtrack license to use with the game, and have a trademark application on-going.

Quite exciting, all in all.

With 1.5 months of development time behind me i am about 35% done (as per my guesstimates…) All of the core systems and UI parts are done and in place, but need plenty of tuning. The big parts missing at this point is content, which is what i will focus on throughout August and September.

Wicked What?

Wicked Lair!

It’s my take on a Tower Defense / Dungeon Builder Hybrid. The goal in the game is to build out your dungeon going deeper and deeper, and spawning units to defeat the heroes that are constantly trying to raid your Lair and slay you (for the phat lewts?)

In addition to defending yourself, you will also need to send Invading units into town to try to destroy it.

Destroy the town before the heroes take down your main guy and you win the game.

When building out your dungeon – vertically downwards – you will be able to chose from 12 distinct themes that all have a different focus and different kinds of creatures that you can spawn into them. Some themes may focus on defense, others on invasion or gathering resources, others again might strike a balance.

You may mix multiple themes in your dungeon as you please, hopefully coming up with some fun combinations that augment each other.

Each floor may hold three creature spawn and each creature may be upgraded twice to a stronger version of itself with not only higher stats but sometimes new abilities as well.

If you build deep enough you may even attract boss encounters to set up their lair on one of your floors.

Any Magic?

In addition to the creature aspect of the game your main guy will be able to chose from a range of spells  to help turn the battle in your favor. Buff your creatures, deal area damage – that kind of stuff.  In order to cast spells you will need mana though, which is gotten through creature gathers and some dungeon-theme specific mechanics

First Look

Here is a screenshot of the current state of the game, i am happy with how the art style is coming together, considering that pixel art is only a hobby of mine (always been a coder, pixel art on the side with long breaks in between)  i am relieved with the way things are turning out.

Wicked Lair - First Look

Wicked Lair – First Look


That’s it in a nutshell

Obviously i could go into much more detail, but i think it makes more sense to split it out into several entries.

So far content-wise i have finished 2 of the 12 planned floors, needless to say i have quite a bit of work ahead of me, it’s all super exciting though and should hopefully be mostly a creative endeavor now that most of the game systems are in place. *knocks on wood*

I will try to write these journals regularly starting with some of the stuff i experienced / learned / rage quit over in the past 6 weeks, so look forward to that.



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Have a good one,

vegu out.

PS: oh and there is traps, which you may build, that kill heroes in hilariously messy ways.