Journal – Wicked Lair – To Lay a Trap

Posted by – August 22, 2014

Since i’ve been actively developing Wicked Lair for 1 and a half months now it seems like i have some catching up to do on the dev journaling part of it.

I want to start by discussing one of the core mechanics of the game: Traps.

In Wicked Lair traps are sort of like static creatures, and in that sense they also take up one creature spawn plot.

Once a trap is built it is ready to spring on the next unsuspecting hero to pass by it.

Traps are triggered – unsurprisingly – by heroes walking over/into them, right now this always happens, but i have plans to mix it up a little, more on that further down.

When a trap is sprung it sets in motion an event or a series of events. That could be as simple as dealing damage to the hero or something much more intricate.

After that, the trap is deactivated until it resets, how long a trap takes to reset depends on it’s strength. Right now traps cannot be destroyed, but are expensive to build and there is a limit of 1 trap per floor. All of this is of course subject to change as balance demands.

Trap Memory

I intend Traps to be fairly strong, they are expensive and they should be fun to use/see in action. For example on the catacombs floor we have the “Swinging Axe” trap that swings from the ceiling and pretty much gibs the hero that triggered it.

It has a reset time of 2 minutes, but even with that fairly long cooldown in place it still seems a bit overpowered.

In order to combat this issue i’ve been playing with the idea of having the heroes develop a trap-memory of sorts. Meaning over time they will start to remember traps they or their companions (as long as in line of sight) have triggered.

When a hero then remembers a trap that they walked into before, they will sneak around it.

Furthermore, they could even communicate it to the other heroes, which then may or may not heed their warning.

Ok maybe i am going a bit over top here, but its definitely something thats been on my mind!

Support Structures – Or Friendly “Traps”

Based on the same system as the trap system i plan to make friendly mechanisms as well. For example the floor theme i am currently working on – Growth, a deep forest – has a support structure called Tree of Life. As with traps, it’s effect is triggered by an actor moving past it, just that in this case it responds to friendly creatures instead of enemies (heroes).