Release Aftermath – Solar Rocket – Week 2

Posted by – July 14, 2014

Not much has happened … oh wait.

So i got a response from the apple review process. They declined the game. Their somewhat understandable point was that apparently for some reason my implementation of the Google Play services prompted the user to log in by switching to the safari app and going to the Google website. Eg. User starts the app and the app immediately switches to Safari and loads the Google Login form. A big no-no pointed out in the Apple Application Guidelines. How embarrassing.

I can’t honestly say how i missed this, but i did. I fixed it and resubmitted last Monday, still waiting to hear back from them again now.

So while this was a bit of a downer, im glad i made that mistake now, as it introduced me to their GIGANTIC application guideline document and i hopefully wont be a repeat offender.

What’s the droid up to.

So we are up to 16 magnificent downloads in the android store. I figure this is mostly due to me participating in last friday’s round of Game Critique on Which by the way was a blast, not only getting people to look at my game and getting some valuable feedback, but also being able to check out what other people are working on. I’ll definitely do that again, if only on the critiquing side until i got something new to show.

AD Revenue so far

EUR 0.45 – Exciting? Hardly – enough for some candy though ;)

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