Release Aftermath – Solar Rocket – Week 1

Posted by – July 6, 2014

If you haven’t read the Post Mortem of Solar Rocket.

During the  fist week the android version of Solar Rocket has had an astonishing 2 downloads.

No one knows it’s there, which was to be expected, i wasnt really putting much word out about it.

We have to keep in mind the purpose of Solar Rocket as a first game project, which is

a) See what to expect

b) Get Familiar with the progress of getting an app in the various appstores

The answer to a) is easy, at least for the android play store. Expect nothing :) As far as i can tell the Google play store does not even have a “New Games” section that shows all new entries. It has a “Top New Games” category, but that is – as the name says – for games that are new and already on the way of getting popular. I have to assume the absence of a “New Games” section is due to there not being a manual review process, so instead, Google relies on the user base to filter the apps for them. Those that don’t gain any traction – due to shitty execution, no marketing or whatever else – are never discovered by anyone other than through very explicit searches.

Apple Update

The game has been “Review pending” in the Apple App Store for a week now. I don’t blame them, there isnt anything in the game that makes apple any money. It’s free and i dont use their iAd service for advertisement. Curious to see how much longer its going to take, if i go by what other people are saying on various websites, i can probably expect an update during the next week.

On a side note, building of the same Unity project for ios was a breeze – about an hour of getting accustomed to the somewhat different building process relative to the android one.

Once the game gets approved by the apple store review process, ill go do another round in the various indie dev forums to see if i can get people to try it out. Other than that i have put this first test behind me and have started working on a bigger project, Solar rocket had an allotted timeframe of 1 week, this one i set for 3 months. So much bigger, also much more fun :) I have some plans for marketing, and will probably start on that once i pass the first month milestone. Details for that will be in a separate post tho.

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